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Beyenburg in Wuppertal – The Bergisch Pearl along River Wupper

Beyenburg in Wuppertal is a magical place within the Bergisches Land. In contrast to the steampunk- and Wilhelminian architecture-heavy central district, this pearl is...

Ratingen Homberg and its hilly Landscape – The Golden Campagna

Ratingen Homberg surprises with its curvy topography. Due to its hilly landscape, you feel like being somewhere else. Precisely, in the countryside of France...

Vieille Brioude in Auvergne – A lovely All-Rounder among French Villages

Vieille-Brioude in Auvergne is a French village straight from your imagination. Its geographic location and thus the resulting scenery make it a must-visit when...

Castro Laboreiro – Romantic and mystic bridges in Peneda-Gerês – Portugal

Is this New Zealand, where the Hobbits live? Nope, it’s Castro Laboreiro in Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal! Discover a place where fantasy settings hit...