Beyenburg in Wuppertal – The Bergisch Pearl along River Wupper


Beyenburg in Wuppertal is a magical place within the Bergisches Land. In contrast to the steampunk- and Wilhelminian architecture-heavy central district, this pearl is quite the opposite. Situated along river Wupper and a barrier lake makes this small old town a location for pure relaxation. Dive in deeper to see and read further insights about lovely Beyenburg.

What to expect

1. About Beyenburg in Wuppertal

Located in the easternmost part of Wuppertal, Beyenburg stands out with its lovely small old town and amazing rural surrounding. Since 1975, the town belongs to the city of Wuppertal. Surprisingly, some parts of the old town originate back to the 14th century, while one house, the Oberhof Steinhaus, was built in the 12th century. Thanks to the establishment of a monastery, Beyenburg developed a few centuries back.

Today, it is a peaceful place, dominated by its natural environment. Due to the river Wupper flowing through the area, a barrier lake was created to control the water level. Moreover, the Beyenburger Stausee is a neat lake for watersports and enriching the townscape.

2. Beyenburger Stausee – A Barrier Lake mirroring an Old Town

Surely, there are many ways to kick off a journey in Beyenburg. However, beginning with its barrier lake is definitely the way to raise your appetite for more. Approaching it from the south enables amazing perspectives from its bank. On the way, you already get great previews.

2.1 Watersports and Enriching the Townscape

And there it is, Beyenburg’s breathtaking townscape being mirrored on the water surface of Beyenburger Stausee. Astonishingly, the density of various colours makes this a spectacular postcard motif. Although the old town looks gorgeous on its own, the barrier lake takes it to a superior level. Furthermore, residents and visitors use the lake for any kind of watersports. Especially standup paddling looks to be a famous activity there.

3. Closer Look at the marvellous Townscape

Strolling around Beyenburger Stausee towards the old town offers a closer look at the marvellous townscape. Funnily, some houses awake Scandinavian vibes. However, as soon as your eye catches those timbered houses, you realise being in Germany for sure.

3.1 Admiring Beyenburg from the Wupper’s Fish Pass

Before the barrier lake turns back to the traditional scale of the Wupper, the waters get divided. While most of the water passes through the classic dam, there is also a special water path for fishes. Thankfully, the fish pass allows a safe transfer to the river. Moreover, you get additional breathtaking town- and landscapes of Beyenburg.

4. Within the Old Town of Beyenburg in Wuppertal

Now, it’s time to dig deeper into the old town itself. As you’ve probably noticed, it was built on a hill. Thus, there are various levels. Although you can access the lower level of old Beyenburg near the fish pass, I’ll start with the upper side first.

4.1 The Upper Old Town

Mostly blessed with classic Bergisch-designed houses, the upper old town is also the point to reach Beyenburg’s old church, St. Maria Magdalena. While you’ve seen it from the distance before, it’s within one’s reach now. In addition to that, there are more interesting details to notice. Beautifully, lanterns, rain gutters and window shutters are all painted in classic Bergisch green. Moreover, some facades have also some interesting decorations and ornaments. Thus, have a close look at the second picture to come.

4.2 Walking down to the lower Old Town with a Great View

As gorgeous as the old town looked from the barrier lake’s bank, the opposite perspective is also top-notch. Now, imagine walking slowly via an old stoned stairway to the lower old town. While doing that, you have a fantastic view of what is yet to come.

4.3 The lower Old Town offering further Perspectives of Beyenburg

So, how does the townscape change at the lower level? Actually, not much changes. However, you get rather diverse house rows than before. Instead of the super classic Bergisch-designed ones, timbered houses mix in beautifully.

Additionally, the church looks quite massive from down here. Thus, there are many new perspectives enriching the overall journey in Beyenburg. Of course, not everything is covered here. So, why not get lost and discover the unknown?

5. When to visit Beyenburg in Wuppertal

Beyenburg in Wuppertal is gorgeous during summer. Thanks to the Beyenburger Stausee located next door, sports activities like standup paddling can round up the experience in this peaceful area of the Bergisches Land. However, the autumn is also amazing for the classic postcard motif. Thanks to the hilly topography, the forests situated around the old town appear in a colourful dress.

6. How to get there

Beyenburg in Wuppertal can be reached with various bus lines. Thankfully, both the upper old town and the barrier lake can be accessed easily by disembarking at Wuppertal Beyenburg Mitte. For vehicle drivers, there’s a parking area at the eastern end of the old town. In any case, don’t hesitate to navigate with the map below.

7. Conclusion

Fortunately, Beyenburg in Wuppertal is definitely worth a short or day trip. Located within the Bergisches Land, its hilly topography combined with the Wupper‘s barrier lake make this small old town a lovely spot to be. If you know Wuppertal but missed this place until now, you’ll be blown away by its opposing appearance.



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