Akita Café & Soufflé – Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes in Düsseldorf


Akita Café & Soufflé counts as a unique place for Far Eastern sweets in Germany. Amazingly, fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes are the stars on their menu. What does make them so special? Well, you find them almost nowhere in German territory than here in Düsseldorf. Dive in deeper to get further insights about the outstanding differences compared to generic pancakes.

What to expect

1. About Akita Café & Soufflé in Düsseldorf

Located at Ostraße, Akita Café & Soufflé is part of the Japanese and Far Eastern epicentre in Düsseldorf. Known as Little Tokyo, this area fulfills almost any desire for passionate people of their culture and food, especially. Amazingly, lovers from all over Germany tend to come to Düsseldorf for amazing Ramen, Okonomiyaki and other delicious treats. Recently, the offering expanded with new sweets. One of them are Japanese Soufflé Pancakes at Akita.

2. Lovely Interior Design

Surprisingly, the interior of Akita is rather small but lovely. There are bar seats in front of the showcase and along the desk. Furthermore, seatings with tables can be found along the wall. Importantly, sitting at each is limited to two persons. Moreover, the cosyness gets beautifully emphasised a lot by their orange shining hanging lamps and the wooden coverings.

2.1 Service Desk and Soufflé Pancake Preparations

In the middle of the Café happens the magic. Astonishingly, you can observe them preparing their soufflé pancakes. Similar to Teppanyaki, the dough gets baked on a hot silver plate. To make them fluffy, they need time. Thus, prepare yourself to wait a bit.

2.2 The Café’s Rear Part

In contrast to the entrance and service desk, the café’s rear part looks much more varied in terms of appearance. Especially the dark blue painted wall and the shining logo create a lovely contrast to the orange leitmotif.

3. Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

And here they finally are. After some tea and waiting about 25 minutes, the amazing-looking Japanese Soufflé Pancakes arrived. Thankfully, my buddy and I ordered two different ones. First and foremost, these pancakes are something! First, they taste totally different than the traditional ones. Second, the fluffiness takes you to heaven. Combined with particular toppings, this becomes a unique experience.

3.1 Tutti Frutti

How colourful do you want your pancakes? Yes. Okay, say no more.

This is literally what happened with the fruity option. From melon to mango, to vanilla sauce decorated with popcorn and coloured marshmallows, the plate simply escalated. Most importantly, it tasted delicious.

3.2 Matcha & Red Beans

Due to the fact that I simply love matcha-infused drinks and food, I opted for the Matcha & Red Beans option. In Japan, pancakes filled with these beans are amazingly famous. Thus, as being passionate about Dorayaki and matcha, I fell in love with this plate.

3.3 Other lovely treats

Besides the outstanding Japanese soufflé pancakes, Akita also impresses with other treats. From matcha drinks to crepes cakes, there is still variation. As soon as I try some of them out, I’ll post them plus my experience here.

4. Opening Hours at Akita

Akita Café & Soufflé is open during the following times:

  • Wednesday – Sunday from 12 noon until 6 pm

Please not that all these treats can also be ordered for take away.

For further brand new information about opening times and other stuff related to Akita, please visit their Instagram account here.

5. How to reach Akita Café & Soufflé in Düsseldorf

Fortunately, Akita Café & Soufflé is located very centrally. Thus, you can easily reach it from many hotspots by foot or with public transport. Especially the main station is just a stone’s throw away. Please don’t hesitate to navigate with the embedded map below.

6. Conclusion

If you like to discover new kinds of sweets and especially those from the Far East, you can’t skip Akita Café & Soufflé in Düsseldorf. Amazingly, their unique Japanese soufflé pancakes take you to another level. In case you don’t mind waiting up to 25 minutes for dessert, you’d better put this place on your to-do list for Little Tokyo.



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