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Hanami in Essen Stadtgarten – From White to Pink Cherry Blossoms

Hanami in Essen Stadtgarten is the full original Japanese experience to celebrate blooming cherry blossoms. Dive in deeper to explore the amazing diversity this...

Beyenburg in Wuppertal – The Bergisch Pearl along River Wupper

Beyenburg in Wuppertal is a magical place within the Bergisches Land. In contrast to the steampunk- and Wilhelminian architecture-heavy central district, this pearl is...

Rathaus Elberfeld – Wuppertal’s striking Town Hall

Rathaus Elberfeld is one of the few tall landmarks of Wuppertal. Although it’s standing out, the marvellous town hall doesn’t get the praise it...

Majestic Cherry Blossom Avenues in Bonn – Germany

Do you consider celebrating the release of cherry blossoms? Two majestic Cherry Blossom Avenues invite you for Hanami – the Japanese outdoor party for...

Trendy neighbourhoods in Dusseldorf: Bilk – The alternative and artistic one

Have you ever imagined what you could experience beyond your known comfort zone? While this question is applicable for many things in life,...