Cherry Blossoms in Rüttenscheid – Essen’s amazing pink Rü Boulevard


Essen’s amazing Rü boulevard is the hotspot for cherry blossoms in Rüttenscheid. For various weeks at the beginning of spring, the Rü transforms into an amazing pink street scene. Get to know why you shouldn’t skip Essen as a potential place to spot the Sakura.

What to expect

1. About the Rü Boulevard in Essen Rüttenscheid

Rü is a lovely nickname for the 2,5 kilometres long Rüttenscheider Straße in Essen. It got its name due to its location in the Rüttenscheid ward (although a chunk is situated in Südviertel).

Back in 1870, when the economy was booming in the city, many employees had to divert to the city’s green south. Thus, many new buildings were built to create residential space for all the workers. Around 1900, the Rü was already established as a district with a great density of cafés, pubs and stores.

To this day, the Rü kept its spirit of a charming street with vibrant life. Thankfully, a good number of buildings from the art nouveau era survived WW2. Besides that, a Japanese, who fell in love with the Rü and Rüttenscheid in general, increased its charm for the spring season. Tadashi Nakamura donated up to 180 Sakura trees, which were planted along his beloved street in the 80s.

Today, the amount is a bit smaller, mainly due to heavy storms in the past years. Still, they transform the Rü into an amazing pink boulevard for a few weeks.

2. Kicking off with Cherry Blossoms in Rüttenscheid from Martinstraße Station

The first phase of the blooming sensation starts at Martinstraße underground station. From this point, the Rü also gets busier in comparison to its southern part. Here the first signs of a cherry blossom avenue become visible.

As mentioned before, every here and there you encounter buildings from the art nouveau era. In addition to that, other great and colourful buildings join the party of colours and contrasts. One great example is a yellow chapel right at the beginning of this section. Combined with a blue sky and the pink Sakura, the play of colours looks impeccable.

And then, you pass by those gorgeous colourful facades from the early 20th century. Spreading city vibes and catchy photo motifs. Most importantly, they all stand out much more with all those blooming cherry trees around.

As nice as it sounded yet, the Rü wants to top this even more.

3. The amazing pink Rü boulevard kicks in best from Rüttenscheider Stern on

From Rüttenscheider Stern underground station, the intensity of the cherry blossoms increases. You could say that those cherry trees form literally an archway. The view is definitely stupendous. Nevertheless, there lie more treasures in perspective.

3.1 How Cherry Blossoms in Rüttenscheid team up with certain Facades

It’s no wonder that some stores or cafés have a pink appearance along the Rü. Here and there you even find other pink street elements like at the junction of Annastraße. However, when you pay close attention and raise your head up, you see a special facade design behind the marvellous Sakura tree at that corner.

The whole building is covered with a great mosaic. Mixed with a few red elements, the facade is being dominated by turquoise tiles. Hence, it enables an amazing contrast to the pink cherry blossoms.

Let’s have look how it looks when you’re strolling along the Rü for shopping.

3.2 The blooming Shopping Experience along the Rü

For some people, shopping is a passion. Whereas to others, it might be simply an obligatory task. During the early spring, shopping is something else at the Rü. Those blooming cherry blossoms are so eye-catching that it becomes a journey and less a typical shopping spree. Even lunch breaks get refreshing.

To cut a long story short, it’s time for the ultimate point of view.

4. At the Northern Edge of Rüttenscheid but still the Rü

Shortly after the previously shown segment of the Rü, Rüttenscheid officially ends. From Witteringstraße onwards, Essen’s Südviertel (south quarter) commences. So, leaving Rüttenscheid doesn’t mean that the blooming show is over. Quite the contrary!

4.1 Welcome to the pink Peak of the Rü

Once you crossed Witteringstraße, you have to turn back and look to Rüttenscheid once again. From here, the already mentioned Sakura archway is at its peak. A banner welcomes people to Rüttenscheid, while everything you see around it is utterly pink. Definitely one of my favourite street scenes in Essen!

By strolling along the Rü a little bit longer, the cherry blossom spectacle comes to its end.

4.2 Marvellous buildings finalize the Cherry Blossom Experience along the Rü

Perspective is everything. This counts a bunch for the grand finale. Although the amazing archway lies behind, the now surrounding buildings round up the great experience. By crossing street sides every now and then, you get splendid views of the last cherry trees and their surroundings. Especially the perspective when standing next to the “World of Dinner” building, is impeccable.

Yes, the pink spectacle along the Rü might be over. However, Essen’s Südviertel is also a special quarter. Plus, it is home to the Stadtgarten that has also some beautiful blooming parts. As it is just a jump away, it’s convenient to add it to the journey.

5. When to admire Cherry Blossoms in Essen Rüttenscheid

The shown section of the Rü is the first one to bloom. As I updated this article on the 15th of March 2022, the cherry trees have been already blooming for two days. Thus, the following period to admire Sakura in Essen Rüttenscheid is:

  • March 15th – March 29th

For exact proofs, please check Instagram or other Social Media channels, where current pictures are being posted from Rüttenscheid.

6. How to get there

The Rü is a pretty long street. Thus, it’s difficult to tell where to go first. You can kick off right from its southern point at Florastraße and stroll northbound. However, if you just want to cover the shown section, head towards Martinstraße underground station or start from the opposite direction at Philarmonie Station (I recommend starting with the Stadtpark if you approach this station first).

Either way, please navigate with the embedded map below, especially when approaching the Rü by car. Its side streets usually offer free parking.

7. Conclusion

Spotting the cherry blossoms in Rüttenscheid is a beautiful experience. The versatility of the Rü elevates a visit to a journey. From Sakura archways to amazing pink clashes with lovely architecture, Essen’s authentic and alternative quarter delivers. For people living in the Ruhr Area, this pink spectacle is a great alternative to the ones in Bonn, Düsseldorf, Kaarst, etc.

But why not catch them all in NRW?




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