Sakura Avenue along Moltkestraße – Cherry Blossom Mania in Dortmund


Another gorgeous Sakura avenue along Moltkestraße in Dortmund awaits to be visited in NRW. Dive in deeper and get to know further insights about this splendid cherry blossom mania spot in the trendy neighbourhood Kaiserviertel.

What to expect

  • 1. Sakura Avenue along Moltkestraße – 280 metres long Cherry Blossom Mania
    • 1.1 Magnificent pink Archway
    • 1.2 Cherry Blossoms meet Facades
    • 1.3 Sakura Street Festival
  • 2. When to visit the Sakura Avenue along Moltkestraße in Dortmund
  • 3. How to get there
  • 4. Conclusion

1. Sakura Avenue along Moltkestraße – 280 metres long Cherry Blossom Mania

Centrally located in Dortmund’s city east neighbourhood Kaiserviertel, Moltkestraße awaits with a 280 metres long sakura avenue. More than 30 cherry trees create a pink blooming celebration.

1.1 Magnificent pink Archway in Dortmund

Fortunately, most of the cherry trees at Moltkestraße are pretty high compared to their colleagues elsewhere. Hence, they create beautifully a Sakura archway. Walking through it is simply magical.

1.2 Cherry Blossoms meet Facades

Here and there you find some interesting house facades which feature in a lovely duet with those cherry blossoms. Especially the one with loads of ivy creates a picturesque contrast. That’s what I call urban nature par excellence.

1.3 Sakura Street Festival in Kaiserviertel

Moreover, Moltkestraße has the benefit of being a pretty calm street – in particular on Sundays. So, if you plan to do a shooting with Sakura arching over you, this is the place for you! In addition to that, every street photographer will have fun here as well. Don’t miss a proper Sakura street festival – without masses of people and music.

2. When to visit the Sakura Avenue along Moltkestraße in Dortmund

Sakura season has already begun along Moltkestraße in Dortmund. Since the 16th of March 2022, those cherry trees are blooming. Expect the following time period to enjoy the pink fest:

  • 16th until 30th of March 2022

3. How to get there

Luckily, Moltkestraße is situated centrally in Dortmund. Right in the middle of Kaiserviertel, you can reach it by public transportation – as with the U-Bahn – but also easily on foot. From the city centre it’s barely a 17 minutes walk. Don’t hesitate to use the embedded map below. All roads lead to Moltkestraße!

4. Conclusion

Luckily, Sakura avenue along Moltkestraße has the greatest pink archway-like scenario in the whole Ruhr Area. Thus, Dortmund got a mini version of Bonn’s majestic Sakura avenue, just much calmer. On top of that, the Kaiserviertel offers loads of cafés and restaurants to round up your journey.
Combined with Essen’s cherry blossom hotspots, you fill a whole day with splendid Sakura scenes and trendy neighbourhoods.



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