Cherry Blossoms in Bonn at Night – The Place of Pink Magic


Finally, the season of cherry blossoms in Bonn has finally arrived. Although its majestic avenues are being visited mostly during the daytime, the Sakura is also worth being spotted at night. Dive in deeper into how Bonn’s cherry blossoms stand out during the darker hours of the day.

What to expect

1. Shifting from Day to Night-Time

Normally, folks visit Bonn’s spectacular cherry blossom avenues during the daytime. However, many don’t know that spotting Sakura from the evening on is an experience per se – particularly in Bonn.

As I already wrote about the pink journey during daylight in this article from last year, this one focuses entirely on the hours after twilight.

2. Marvellously shining Cherry Blossoms in Bonn at Night

Did you know that cherry blossoms can shine at night? Due to their immense density, they literally light up the environment with a certain pink filter. Supported by lamp posts, cars passing by, or flashlights, they might kick you off the park during the night.

2.1 Heerstraße – Where Cherry Trees form a Pink Sky

The king of kings among cherry blossom hotspots, Heerstraße, proves pretty well the mentioned striking effect. Here the blossom’s density reaches the peak all over Bonn. Astonishingly, this results in a marvellous pink sky.

2.2 Special Night Vibes in Bonn’s Old Town

Moreover, there’s another side effect that makes this place so special in the dark hours. It’s the fact that these beautiful cherry trees stand amid the Old Town of Bonn. Amazingly surrounded by architecture from the Art Nouveau to Wilhelminian Style era, the vibes you seek from there are stupendous at night.

One prime example underlining this phenomenon is Café Blüte. Situated in a gorgeous corner house, it gives you the feeling of strolling through the streets of Montmartre district in Paris. Thus, Bonn is just as romantic.

2.3 Breite Straße – The pink shining Entrance to Sakura Paradise

Of course, Bonn’s semi-official cherry blossom gateway attracts during nighttime hours. At the southern entrance of Breite Straße, a pending sign welcomes everyone to the “Altstadt” (old town). As it shines from the evening on, it brightens up nicely the surrounding Sakura.

3. When to visit

Bonn’s cherry trees started to bloom a few days ago. Thus, expect more or less this time frame for an amazing experience:

  • 9th April until 21st April

To kick-off the night experience with the blue hour, you should start the tour not later than 8:30pm.

4. How to reach the Hotspots for Cherry Blossoms in Bonn

In case you arrive from 7 pm on, a bunch of free car parking lots will be free of charge. Kölner Straße, located at the hotspots’ northern edge, is a top approaching point. Even the tram stops there at Bonn Rosental Station.

To navigate the best way possible, please use the embedded map below.

5. Conclusion

Experiencing Bonn’s cherry blossom hot spots during nighttime is definitely a magical journey. Not only is this an alternative to the classic visit during daylight but also something unique on its own. For folks deciding which time of day suits best, I’ve got some advice for you. Why don’t you have both?




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