3 Stunning Cherry Blossom Places in Ratingen near Dusseldorf – Germany


Do you plan to visit special Cherry Blossom Places? In Ratingen near Dusseldorf, three stunning and overlooked Cherry Blossom Spots are waiting for you to be admired.

Every year, people anticipate the depressed-looking winter mood to be replaced by the return of green. In between, nature delivers a colourful and gorgeous spectacle. An explosion of love and life – the bloom of spring.

In the German city Ratingen, nearby North Rhine-Westphalia’s capital city Dusseldorf, this natural event can be experienced in a spectacular and alternative way.

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About Ratingen

Ratingen is a neighbour city of Dusseldorf and its older but smaller sibling. With over 90.000 inhabitants, it can be almost counted as a “large city” by German definition. Most importantly, Ratingen doesn’t have to hide behind its larger sibling Dusseldorf in terms of attractions.

Ratingen, intentionally or not, has got a wide range of natural attractions and can be seen as one of the greenest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. In spring, however, the city becomes stunningly pink in some places.

To be precise, Ratingen offers three Cherry Blossom spots which, combined, are a great addition or alternative to Bonn’s Behemoth of Majestic Cherry Blossom Avenues. In this article, you get a deep insight into these three places.

Look up to the Cherry Blossom Sky in Ratingen Süd

The first place to spot splendid Cherry Blossom Vibes is located in Ratingen Süd. While it’s the narrowest place of those three, it has the largest….trees – cherry trees. Hence, the sky of cherry blossoms makes it a great spot for shootings from a looking-up angle.

To reach the Cherry Blossom Place in Ratingen Süd, please navigate here.

Mini Cherry Blossom Avenue in Ratingen’s Cromford Quarter

From the south, we do a jump to the northern part of the city, the Cromford quarter. Until the late seventies, Cromford was one important textile factory area in the region. Nowadays, the quarter became a beloved and calm residential area.

So, what might pimp up streets of such quarters? Right, cherry trees.

At Kleiststraße, a 100m long section has been gifted with up to 18 trees, forming a small avenue. If you want to play with light effects when taking pictures, I recommend visiting this spot during twilight and sunset.

To reach the Cherry Blossom Place in Cromford navigate here.

The Cherry Blossom Highlight in Ratingen Tiefenbroich

By now, the cherry tree cycle boosted constantly. However, it’s time to let it rocket.

Magical Cherry Blossom Avenue – Marienstraße

In Ratingen’s western ward “Tiefenbroich”, a 270-meter-long Cherry Blossom Avenue awaits you. While you might expect a similar scenery like in Cromford, this place goes beyond your expectations.

Cherry Blossoms featuring Ivy

One unique selling point for visiting Marienstraße is ivy. Three cherry trees have been conquered by ivy. This natural phenomenon makes those trees look like huge floristic bears with a green. Hence, the resulting play of colours between both pink cherry blossoms and green ivy is gorgeous.

But that was not all.

The Play of Contrasts – Pink Cherry Blossoms feat. Blue Sky

Another play of colours can be spotted under blue skies and sunshine. While we don’t tend to look up when visiting this kind of stuff, it’s time to change it, now. The sky’s saturated blue enhances a beautiful contrast when meeting pink cherry blossoms.

Thankfully, there is another striking element to be included in your photo motif.

Staging a Bell Tower within the Beauty of Spring

In the centre of Marienstraße, the church St. Marien stands out with its copper-coloured bell tower. Normally, you notice it from the start once having arrived there. Getting closer to the church, the possibilities of framing the bell tower with those marvellous cherry blossoms are stunning.

To reach the Cherry Blossom Place in Tiefenbroich navigate here.

When to admire Cherry Blossoms in Ratingen?

Thankfully, Cherry Blossoms are about to bloom in Ratingen. Expect to admire the Sakura in the following period in 2022:

  • 10th April – 20th of April


Ratingen’s three Cherry Blossom Places offer a stunning range of views and motifs of the natural phenomenon. If Bonn’s majestic Cherry Blossom Avenues are the main course, Ratingen offers various delicious tapas, which sometimes even replace main courses.

Having said that, Ratingen should be put on your list, if you consider visiting stunning Cherry Blossom Places. Finally, it doesn’t have to be a matter of choice – why don’t you have both?



  1. I remember those days! It is a kind of tradition enjoying these days with you, moite! 😀

    Especially nearby POENSGEN Park and Angertal are worth it to go there it#whydontwehaveboth

    • Cheers, Klemens!
      You’re spot on, moite! We should discover further Cherry Blossom Places.
      Yeah, you’re also right on the other natural spots nearby. I left them out for later. 😀
      Thanks again.


    • Hey Ludivine,
      Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire!
      I’m glad to read that you liked those shown places in Ratingen so much.
      Ratingen is waiting for you! 😉


  2. This is hidden! Like Ratingen isn’t that well-known its suburban quarter of Tiefenbroich is quite like Atlantis. You may hear of it but never seen. Thanks for bringing it up to the public sharing beautiful places!

    Do you have any recommendations on how to plan a neat day trip through this here combining other spots while staying in Dusseldorf?

    • Cheers, Joe!
      Your Atlantis metaphora was the best one I read in a big while tbh. Furthermore, it pretty much nailed reality.
      Hopefully, people will talk about it like a myth. Nonetheless, I glad that you liked the article, mate! 🙂

      Well, sure I can deliver some recommendations. Ratingen has plenty of further attractions as well as the Northern District of Dusseldorf.
      Due to the fact, that articles about these places will be published soon, I’ll PM you those desired places.

      Thanks again for your epic and creative comment, Joe!


  3. Charlie! Thank you for the deep insight into these hidden and beautiful places in Ratingen. It’s hidden to me, because I am not from Ratingen and I don’t know much about this city and its beauty.

    Is there a restaurant near by, which you can recommend?

    I kiss ya 2night.


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