Spinningfields in Manchester – A modern Quarter nailing the Zeitgeist


Spinningfields in Manchester is a marvellous quarter to not miss at all. Due to its dominant modern environment, a huge density of places to eat and drink are present. Dive in deeper to discover the mystery of how this area nails the Zeitgeist.

What to expect

1. About Spinningfields in Manchester

In the 2000s, a huge area of wasteland between Deansgate, an important arterial road, and River Irwell got green-lighted for a major development project. Hence, Manchester’s finest business area should raise from the ground. Thanks to Allied London Properties’ investment, the quarter of Spinningfields emerged.

Today, it is an area where many big players from the financial, consultancy and media sectors are based. Moreover, it’s an epicentre for exclusive stores and many interesting places for going out.

2. Modern Quarter opens up at Hardman Square

Entering Spinningfields from Deansgate via Atkinson Street leads straight to Hardman Square. There the modern quarter opens up with an interesting setting. While modern office buildings stand out at first glance, the open space stuck in your view shortly afterwards.

Not only is it green there, but also some buildings around are. Furthermore, funny neon signs add to the charm of this place. There are some interesting bar concepts at this location, so keep attention.

3. Crown Square & More – Where the Zeitgeist evolves

A little bit up north, you find Crown Square. Again, this is an additional open space with gastronomy. Here the amazing modern architectural surrounding mixes up with some older and bricky buildings. However, what sticks out the most is the gorgeous variety of gastronomic concepts. That’s where the Spinningfields is nailing the Zeitgeist.

3.1 Fancy Bar and Restaurant Concepts

Restaurants, Bars and Cafés are all over the place in Spinningfields. Hence, they are all trying to seek your attention. To achieve that, most of them have become creative. From interesting open-air seating concepts at Hardman Square to fancy designs along the avenue linking Crown Square and Deansgate.

Thankfully, most of them with amazing interiors got also lovely exteriors. Thus, you won’t miss those vibes nowadays due to the current regulations.

Speaking of Deansgate, let’s have a look what else is in store at Spinningfields’ eastern edge.

4. At the Edge of Deansgate

Reapproaching Deansgate from Spinningfields enables some great perspectives of the city’s sights. Especially, Big Ben’s little brother, the clocktower of Manchester’s town hall looks marvellous combined with the quarters’ modern facades.

Beyond that, there’s a beautiful place of culture you shouldn’t miss.

5. Culture in Spinningfields – John Rylands Library

Right at the edge of Deansgate, there is an old building standing out among all those modern buildings. There you find the one and only John Rylands Library, which I highly recommend visiting (if the ongoing circumstances allow it, of course). Head to my dedicated article and explore what makes this library so special here.

5.1 Further Cultural Highlights at Spinningfields

Although I haven’t visited those places, I can’t hide them from you. Besides John Rylands Library, there are a bunch of other amazing cultural highlights at Spinningfields.

Bear in mind that due to the regulations nowadays, they might be closed. Click on them to check their official websites for fresh opening times.

6. When to visit Spinningfields in Manchester

Thankfully, Spinningfields is not linked to any season for being visited. However, due to the regulations linked to Covid-19, only outdoor gastronomy is allowed for now. This implies that a visit during the warmer months from spring onwards could suit better to get the full experience. For additional information about the quarter’s offering, please visit the official website here.

7. How to get there

Spinningfields is located pretty centrally. Luckily, there’s a free bus service serving the Opera House. Should you approach by car, there are also car pars, here for instance.

Nevertheless, don’t hesitate using the embedded map below for the best navigation possible.

8. Conclusion

Spinningfields in Manchester is an amazing modern quarter in the city’s heart. Thanks to its diversification of attractions and sights, makes this lovely area unskippable. Furthermore, the offered open-air concepts for going out are top-notch and sweeten your journey.



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