China Garten in Stuttgart – Far Eastern Oasis with a View


China Garten in Stuttgart is a place to forget daily routines. Here you get beamed to the Far Eastern world within a second. Dive in deeper and find out why this is truly an oasis with a particular view.

What to expect

1. About China Garten in Stuttgart

Stuttgart got firstly blessed with a Chinese garden in 1993. Due to the then happening International Horticultural Exhibition, Baden Württemberg‘s Chinese partner province Jiangsu donated it. Unsurprisingly, the garden was a visitor magnet. Nevertheless, it disappeared after the exhibition ended.

Luckily, later formed foundations and associations found a permanent location to rebuild the garden. Thus, the new China Garten opened in 1996. Since then, it is open daily to the public.

Now, let me show you, why so many locals were interested in maintaining this cultural treasure in Stuttgart.

2. Stuttgart’s Splendid Chinese Garden with a View

Approaching the China Garten in Stuttgart can be tiring. Situated hillside, the stroll from the city centre becomes more of a hiking session. All the better that the destination is a place to relax.

Once you arrived, a traditional Chinese wall with classic curlicues marks the stargate to the Far East. The glimpse through the entrance alone puts you in a state of excitement.

2.1 The Garden’s outstanding Chinese Pavilion

After passing the gate towards China, the garden’s striking landmark stands out immediately. Its authentic appearance makes you forget being in Stuttgart. Astonishingly, the Chinese pavilion stands at the garden’s highest points. Therefore, it underlines its position within this microcosm.

At its bottom, a beautifully arranged Chinese pond embellishes the sight. Even a lovely waterfall flows into the pond. Thus, linking the majestic pavilion with the waters below.

2.2 Detailed Chinese Hall of Friendship underline the Far Eastern Vibe

Thankfully, there’s another highlight in the garden. Opposed to the pavilion, a Chinese hall of friendship complements the journey. Its wooden facade, love for details, classic Chinese signage and much more emphasise the authenticity of this place. Funnily, it reminded me of a lot of Kung-Fu movies from the past.

2.3 Nice View while walking up the Chinese Garden’s Hill

Astonishingly, this garden was designed with its own topography in mind. Mountains, lakes, forests – they’re all presented in a symbolic and miniature-like way. Hence, a small hill leads your path to the top. On this way to the pavilion, new perspectives of the garden unleash. Especially during the blooming springtime, unique photographic constellations become numerous from there.

2.4 Panoramic Overview of Stuttgart City breaks the Chinese Daydream

As soon as you arrive at the Chinese pavilion, a 360° view of the garden rounds up the experience. If there wasn’t a small cut in the experience. Although the garden is seemingly close in itself, there’s a clearing of reality.

As already mentioned, the China Garten is located hillside. In Stuttgart this means, you get offered both vineyards and a panoramic overview of the city. That’s exactly the case here as well. Actually, you can even spot the TV Tower. To get peace with the fact of being mentally back in Germany, you may sit down at the hill’s edge and enjoy the city’s look.

3. When to visit China Garten in Stuttgart

The China Garten in Stuttgart can be visited all year round. However, to experience the full journey, I recommend coming by from spring until fall. Due to the number of trees and flowers blooming in this period, the experience would reach the maximum level.

But there’s another hint for you. Please try to avoid Sundays. During these days, the garden gets crowded pretty easily. As a matter of fact, I was there on such a day.

4. How to get there

Many ways lead to the Chinese Garden. The most original one is to hike the hillside. Besides that, you can approach the underground station Stadtbibliothek and walk up the Birkenwaldstraße. Bear in mind that car parking lots are rare at that place.

Either way, use the embedded map below to navigate the best way possible.

5. Conclusion

If you want to escape everyday life in Stuttgart, the China Garten must be on your list. Particularly, its almost coherent microcosm takes you on a journey to the Far East. Furthermore, the great mix of planting and cultural sights round up the visit. Plus, it got an inevitable gimmick that is commonly presented around the pot – a panoramic overview of Stuttgart.



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