Magical Christmas markets and vibes in Germany – Dusseldorf


Every year, dedicated markets to the Advent season ensure that everyone gets into Christmas mood in Germany. Countrywide, there are thousands of Christmas markets – some of them being open the whole season or only for a day. Moreover, all of them are unique and different to each other.

This means that you are spoilt for choice.

Maybe I can inspire you to choose the right place to experience magical Christmas markets and vibes in Germany.

How about Dusseldorf in Germany’s state North Rhine-Westphalia, a.k.a. NRW?


The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is a famous destination among Christmas market visitors in Germany – especially for Dutch and Belgian people, who benefit from the close distance to eachother.

While Dusseldorf lacks one giant concentrated Christmas market, compared to cities like Cologne or Essen, it stands out with variety. The fact that the city core is compact, makes Christmas market hopping a thing.

In this article, I take you on a journey to some magical Christmas market and vibe hotspots which you shouldn’t miss in Dusseldorf.

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Dusseldorf’s highest mulled wine stand – Phoenix

Let me start with an unusual place to enjoy hot mulled wine – with a tremendous view. Dusseldorf’s architectural icon “Dreischeibenhaus”, a three slice tower, opens its doors to the public. The In-house Bar and Restaurant “Phoenix” invite the public to the tower’s rooftop, the city’s highest mulled wine stand.

Thus, the Phoenix rooftop is the only place in Dusseldorf where you seek some Christmas vibes, experience an exclusive view of the cityscape and drink hot mulled wine in the same time. Bear in mind, that you need to pay an entry fee to reach the rooftop, which is located at the 22nd floor, hence, 80 meter high.

Here you find the best fitting way to reach Phoenix.

Overview of Dusseldorf’s city core seen from Phoenix’ rooftop at Dreischeibenhaus.
Close up of Schadowplatz and the ungoing Christmas market.

Opening dates and hours

  • 30.11. – 22.12.
  • Sat & Sun (in good weather)
  • 2pm – 9pm
  • Further information available here

DEG Winterwelt – The funky Winter Wonderland at Corneliusplatz

Are you ready to do some cheeky pirouettes or spins on ice? Then you should consider to stop at Corneliusplatz and put on a pair of ice skates.

The DEG Winterwelt offers a funky ice rink where you skate in between a beautiful cityscape of Dusseldorf. One highlight is an old fountain in the ice rink’s centre which you circulate.

Did I already mention that the ice rink is somehow funky? Well, you might get the impression of skating Saturday Night Fever’s disco floors. In fact, the rink changes constantly its colours, creating beautiful dynamic.

Even if you’re not ready for figure skating, you can simply enjoy the atmosphere, observe the brave ones on ice, drink and eat some Christmas delicacies.

Here you find the best fitting way to reach DEG Winterwelt.

Overview of DEG-Winterwelt and its funky ice rink at Corneliusplatz in Dusseldorf.

Opening dates and hours

  • Opening dates and hours
  • 15.11.19 – 12.01.20
  • Open daily (except 24.12. -25.12.)
  • Mon – Thu & Sun 11am – 9pm
  • Fri – Sat 11am – 10pm
  • 26.12. 11am – 10pm
  • 31.12. 11am – 6pm
  • 01.01.20 1pm – 10pm
  • Further information available here

Engelchen-Markt – The romantic Christmas market at Heinrich-Heine-Platz

Let’s continue with Dusseldorf’s Altstadt (old town) and maybe the city’s most romantic Christmas market at Heinrich-Heine-Platz. The Engelchen-Markt (Little angel’s market) stands out with its golden tone.

As a matter of fact, every stall is painted golden, the Christmas illumination shines golden and the even the striking Shopping Department house, also known as “Carsch Haus” by locals, fits to the golden theme, thanks to its sandstone facade.

However, the highlight of Engelchen-Markt is not one of these golden stalls but the music pavilion at the square’s centre. Once you enter it, you get flashed by its romantic vibes.

The ceilings are covered with golden chains of lights, the pillars decorated with little angels and other Christmas stuff and space is almost non-existent.

This spot is famous among locals and if I’m being honest, it’s not simply due to romantic vibes. In my opinion, you get the best mulled wine here compared to every other Christmas market in Dusseldorf. Furthermore, because of the lack of space, you get easily in contact with other people.

Here you find the best fitting way to reach Engelchen-Markt.

The romantic Engelchen-Markt seen from Heinrich-Heine-Alle in Dusseldorf.
Another angle of Engelchenmarkt at Heinrich-Heine-Platz.

Opening dates and hours

  • 21.11. – 30.12.
  • Open daily (except 25.12.)
  • Sun – Thu 11am – 8pm
  • Fri – Sat 11am – 9pm
  • 24.12. 11am – 3pm & 26.12. 2pm – 8pm

Magical Sternchenmarkt at one of Germany’s oldest towers

Just around the corner of Engelchen-Markt, you encounter the next Christmas market changing its appearance once again. This time, it’s all about stars, as Sternchenmarkt means “market of starlets”.

A starry sky extends over the whole Christmas market. In contrast to the previous Engelchen-Markt, the lights are blueish, as well as the stalls. In addition to that, many of them got artificial snow roofs which emphasise the whole colder and in the same time cosier atmosphere.

Furthermore, when looking up to the starry sky, you notice Wilhelm-Marx-Haus, one of the oldest towers built in Germany. For my taste, it’s one of Dusseldorf’s top buildings, which gets often overlooked by people – even by locals. But, it looks best in combination with Sternchenmarkt.

Here you find the best fitting way to reach Sternchenmarkt.

Overview of Sternchenmarkt with its artificial starry sky and the striking Wilhelm-Marx Haus.

Opening dates and hours

  • 21.11. – 30.12.
  • Open daily (except 25.12.)
  • Sun – Thu 11am – 8pm
  • Fri – Sat 11am – 9pm
  • 24.12. 11am – 3pm & 26.12. 2pm – 8pm

Traditional Christmas vibes at Marktplatz

Now it’s time for Dusseldorf’s biggest Christmas market in size. Right in front of the city hall at Marktplatz (market square) you get probably the most traditional one.

Red stalls, a big and beautiful decorated Christmas tree right in the square’s centre as well as beautiful old surrounding German architecture let you feel Christmas vibes in your veins.

Most importantly, if you like Bratwurst and Krakauer, you get the best one here at Marktplatz. Just have a close look at female twins serving them – there you get them. Guten Appetit!

Here you find the best fitting way to reach Marktplatz.

The most traditional Christmas market in Dusseldorf at Marktplatz and city hall.

Opening dates and hours

  • 21.11. – 30.12.
  • Open daily (except 25.12.)
  • Sun – Thu 11am – 8pm
  • Fri – Sat 11am – 9pm
  • 24.12. 11am – 3pm & 26.12. 2pm – 8pm

Wheel of Vision – Dusseldorf’s rotating magic

Are you curious about Dusseldorf’s seasonal shining and rotating landmark? Well, for the 8th season in a row, the Wheel of Vision illuminates Burgplatz and the city’s Rhine promenade.

While this ferris wheel is not quite comparable with the London Eye, it stands out in Dusseldorf’s skyline like nothing else at night. In fact, it is the shining star during Advent season.

In addition to that, there is another round of stalls at them bottom of the wheel. Thus, you can get mulled wine and enjoy the rotating shining pizza.

No matter whether you take pictures professionally or with your smartphone, go behind Schlossturm (another landmark) and take pictures of it when the Wheel of Vision rotates.

You’ll love it!

Here you find the best fitting way to reach Wheel of Vision.

Wheel of Vision seen from Rheinuferpromenade after coming from Marktplatz via Zollstraße.
Close up of the Christmas market scene at the bottom of Wheel of Vision in Düsseldorf.
This angle is a must when you like to take a picture of both landmarks in the same time. It’s astonishing how the Wheel of Vision creates a gloriole around Schlossturm.

Opening dates and hours

  • 26.10.19 – 05.01.20
  • Open daily (except 24.12.)
  • Mon – Thu & Sun 11am – 9pm
  • Fri – Sat 11am – 10pm
  • 25. – 26.12. 2pm – 6pm
  • 31.12. 11am – 6pm, 8pm – 0:30 am
  • 01.01.20 2pm – 7pm
  • Further information here

Closing words

Dusseldorf’s magical Christmas markets are the right choice, if you like variation, themed, unusual and catchy markets. Furthermore, they are great for market hopping in a small area to seek as much different magical Christmas vibes as possible.



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