Markt in Roermond – Charming Market Square in Limburg, Netherlands


Markt in Roermond is the pulsive centre of the city, located in Limburg province. Blessed with some gorgeous landmarks, the charming market square is also a huge terrace for bars and restaurants. Dive in deeper for further impressions of Roermond’s historic centre.

What to expect

1. About Markt in Roermond

Markt in Roermond is the classic trading place from the past. Today, the weekly market takes place every Saturday. Moreover, the square is being used as an outside terrace for restaurants and bars. Thanks to its beautiful buildings and landmarks surrounding it, this place is charming.

2. Approaching the Markt in Roermond from South

First and foremost, Markt in Roermond immediately stands out with a great variation of facades and colours. Especially the yellow tones which pop up here and there make this spacious place harmonious. Surely, the market square’s huge terrace with a number of parasols literally welcomes you to settle for a drink or more.

3. Stadhuis Roermond – The lovely Town Hall

Changing the view to the square’s east, a dominant building catches your eye. The Stadhuis, Roermond’s town hall, sticks out with a grandiose facade. Established in 1700, the facade was updated with a French facade in 1876. By looking closely, you notice the older concealed brick facade around the windows. However, the Stadhuis’ true characteristic is its belltower.

3.1 Striking Belltower with a neat Feature

On the occasion of the city’s 750th anniversary, Roermond got given the belltower sitting on the town hall’s top. Besides the lovely carillon, the belltower strikes with another neat feature. In 1995, it got expanded with life-sized sculptures. While these represent the history of Roermond, the real deal is their mobility. Every day, they spin around at noon. So, if you’re planning to visit Markt in Roermond, try to get there around midday.

4. Admiring Markt in Roermond from its northernmost Point

Although you might have admired the Markt in Roermond from its other sides, it’s always worth expanding journeys with further perspectives. From its northernmost point, you get another great panoramic view.

5. At the Square’s Edge to Sint Christoffel Kathedraal

As already teased before, the most outstanding building at Roermond’s market square is by far the cathedral’s tower. Astonishingly, Sint Christoffel Kathedraal is dominating the cityscape since the 16th century. Due to several tragedies during the Second World War and the earthquake in 1992, the cathedral got damaged severely. Thus, it had to be refurbished many times. Especially the belltower had to be rebuilt after its original after WW2.

6. When to visit Markt in Roermond

Markt in Roermond is accessible yearround. However, there are some special events which you might not miss at all.

  • The weekly market every Saturday from 9 am until 5 pm
  • The spinning life-sized sculptures at the town hall’s turret every day at noon
  • Experiencing the square’s charming side at the many outside terraces from spring until fall

For further information about Markt in Roermond, please visit the official site here.

7. How to get there

Due to its central location, Markt in Roermond is easily approachable by any kind of transportation. Hence, don’t hesitate to use the embedded map below to find the most fitting parking garage or bus station, for instance.

8. Conclusion

Fortunately, Markt in Roermond is one of the city’s magnets to seek you in. Thanks to its charming surrounding setting, the market square is a great place for architecture, history but also for a drink. Luckily, the city in Limburg is definitely one address to consider, when feeling nostalgia for The Netherlands.



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