Sakura in Düsseldorf Oberbilk – The blooming St. Josefplatz


Sakura in Düsseldorf Oberbilk is truly a thing. Fascinatingly, there’s yet another great hotspot for admiring those lovely pink blossoms in the city. Come and get yourself deeper insights into the blooming St. Josefplatz.

What to expect

1. About Sakura in Düsseldorf Oberbilk

Düsseldorf truly lives up to its nickname of being the “European Tokyo“. Astonishingly, amazing Japanese restaurants and a huge Japanese population aren’t enough to be called like that. Thus, the Sakura has to round up the Japanese journey in Düsseldorf. One of its amazing hotspots can be found in the Oberbilk ward.

2. A small Square blessed with Cherry Trees along Linienstraße

Came for the main act, stayed for the pre-act – that’s exactly what happened to me when approaching Oberbilk for spotting its Cherry Blossom hotspot. Surprisingly, as I parked in the neighbourhood, I encountered this neat Sakura square. Located along Linienstraße, this little cluster of cherry trees is a lovely appetizer for the main course.

3. Blooming Sakura at St. Josefplatz in Oberbilk

Oberbilk’s main Sakura attraction is situated at St. Josefplatz, the square surrounding St. Josef church. Luckily, the cherry tree arrangement offers amazing photo motifs. Moreover, this place offers something on top.

3.1 Kicking off with St. Josef Sculpture

Right at the square’s beginning, an amazing detailed sculpture catches your attention. Created in 1990 by sculptor Bert Gerresheim, it portrays various periods of Oberbilk’s history. Hence, each character represents a different time frame. The steelworker represents the steel industry which was heavily present around the 70s, for instance.

3.2 Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms framing St. Josef Church

And here it is: Oberbilk’s Sakura hotspot, where gorgeous cherry blossoms beautifully frame St. Josef church in Oberbilk. Thankfully, the cherry trees’ constellation and garden design make the aisle in-between feel like a pink walk of fame. By visiting this place at twilight, the belltower gets warmly sunkissed. Thus, it looks tremendously fitting with these pink flowers. Moreover, the range of possible photo motifs through the branches is top-notch.

3.3 The small but beautiful Pink Sky

What’s also worth mentioning is the fact of the existing small pink sky, formed by those cherry trees. Due to their sunken branches, you might even touch them with your head. Last but not least, the fragrance of the Sakura rounds up the visit pretty well.

4. When to go for Sakura in Düsseldorf Oberbilk

Sakura in Düsseldorf Oberbilk is about to bloom in 2022. Hence, expect to experience those gorgeous blossoms in the following period:

  • 10th of April – 20th of April 2022

5. How to get there

St. Josefplatz is located pretty close to the tram and underground station of Oberbilker Markt. That being said, I recommend visiting by public transport as it might get difficult to get a free parking lot in the neighbourhood. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to use the embedded map below.

6. Conclusion

All in all, St. Josefplatz in Oberbilk contributes with an additional and beautiful Sakura hotspot to Düsseldorf. Its lovely cherry tree arrangement and the striking bell tower of St. Josef church make this a wonderful cherry blossom spot. Hence, together with Zietenstraße in Golzheim, this blooming square should be on your bucket list, when in Düsseldorf during spring.



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