Zoopark Düsseldorf – The lovely and cosy Oasis in Düsseltal


Zoopark Düsseldorf is probably the only zoo where you can walk freely without fences and limitations for both animals and humans. Get to know why this urban park is truly an oasis for its citizens and visitors throughout the year.

What to expect

1. About Zoopark Düsseldorf

First and foremost, you shouldn’t be under the illusion of Zoopark Düsseldorf being a zoo.  Well, technically it hasn’t been one per definition for a long time anymore. After being destroyed in the Second World War, the zoo never returned to operate there.

To put in a fun fact, the whole quarter around the former zoo is still being called “Düsseldorf Zoo”. Even the local train station isn’t named after the ward Düsseltal but the former Zoo. Thus, the name maintained its usage among the locals.

Ever since, the zoo has been transformed into a great public park.

2. Vibrant Life in Düsseldorf’s Zoopark

No matter which age, Düsseldorf’s citizens love this park. Especially during sunny days, Zoopark Düsseldorf is very well visited. Life literally flows throughout this park. Be it families or younger people chilling or sunbathing on the meadows, older people sitting on the many available benches, or couples having a romantic stroll along the gorgeous water place in the park’s centre.

3. Big Pond as the Eye-catcher of the Park

Probably the star in the park is a marvellous one-hectare big pond. On top of that, two willows, located on the pond’s island, stand out. While carps swim in the waters, a variety of birds bustle around and especially on the island. From Canada gooses to rose-ringed parakeets, birds enjoy the park as much as the human visitors do.

Zoopark Düsseldorf offers various perspectives of the beautiful pond. I must highlight the western waterfront. Designed like a dock, this place offers some ergonomic benches where you can lie on. Big trees around this dock round up the vibe, especially when they flourish during spring.

Did I say spring? This is maybe the park’s most picturesque period of the year.

4. A Variety of Flora, blooming especially in Spring

As you know, spring is the blooming period of the year. That applies to the park as well. Flowers spring out of the ground and create seas of flowers. From yellow to blue, all that can be spot in Zoopark Düsseldorf during spring. This spectacle can be admired from a hill in the norther part of the park.

On that hill stood the landmark of the former zoo, a castle ruin. Today, it offers colourful meadows and a great view of the park as well as the pond. However, a great cherry tree steals the show. During cherry blossom season, this spot is in fact a blooming paradise. Due to the tree’s size, the branches protrude widely. Thus, enabling some awesome photo motifs.

5. When to visit

Zoopark Düsseldorf shines the most from spring to autumn. For people living nearby, this park is for sure worth a visit in winter, too. However, visitors coming from farther away should aim for the greener and warmer periods of the year, as it offers the best experience. All shown pictures were made by the end of March. Hence, when spring usually kicks in.

6. How to reach Zoopark Düsseldorf

The park is located pretty centrally in the Düsseltal ward. Hence, tram and bus stations, like Brehmplatz, are in close reach. In addition to that, the train station Düsseldorf-Zoo is just 500 metre-away. Why not heading there and combine it with a stroll through the zoo quarter’s busy street Rethelstraße, which is on the way? Coming by car can be tricky, but the Eisstadion located next to the park might offer some parking spaces.

Long speech short, please use the embedded map below to navigate the best way possible to Zoopark.

7. Conclusion

Zoopark Düsseldorf is a lovely oasis in the urban ward of Düsseltal. Its great size makes it attractive for various occasions. Especially during the green, colourful and warmer periods of the year, the park is an attraction for everyone. Plus, not everyone can claim to have been at large with animals in a zoo.



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